Search Engine – Tips and Tricks to increase web site traffic, search engine optimization – Many Ways to Pull in More Visitors to your web From the Search Engines

search-engine-submissionTips and Tricks to increase web site traffic, search engine optimization

Unless you are actively promoting your site through traditional mediums like magazines, radio and TV,  the majority of traffic to your site will originate from one of the major search engines with estimates ranging from 67% to 90%.  Increasing Web Site traffic requires knowledge in two areas:

Search Engine Optimization – this is defined as the skillful manipulation of the location and frequency of keywords within your web pages.
Search Engine Submission
– the knowledge of which search engines to submit to and how.

Maximizing traffic from the search engines to your web site is not a difficult task but it does require you to think ahead and plan your Search engine optimization strategy carefully. If you have not yet built your web site and are still in the initial planning stages then you may have an easier time of it. If you already have an existing web site, then you may need to take the time to read up on these SEO strategies and make some changes to incorporate them into your web site.

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