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Free marketing of your ebook

Writing your eBook is only half the battle, but to win the game it is to promote  and sell to customers. Promotion , marketing ,advertising and selling cost is always huge and take big junk of profit. Here I like to share you how to promote your Ebook and get more customers and traffic to your web.

Next comes the process of promoting the eBook so you can actually make money from your hard earned work.

There are plenty of methods that cost money.

Pay per click, affiliate commissions, ezine adverts, the list of paid methods goes on and on.

But what about free eBook promotion methods?

There are more than you think.

Of-course article marketing, you can never go wrong with writing as many articles as you can on your topic and linking back to your eBook home page.

Social marketing such as face book and twitter can yield results but take a lot of dedication to build a following, but can pay back your efforts with huge traffic over time. Be sure to follow any regulations the site may have with regards to marketing and promotion.

Community forums related to your eBook topic is another great way to draw traffic, but of course be careful of not just using the forum for promotion. Be an active and useful member. People will respect you more and your life span on the forum will be greatly increased.

Some ezine editors are always looking for new content. Offer to write articles for them with the condition you can include your back link.

My favorite is using free ad sites to post content filled ads with a back link to my product. I find this method produces the most quick traffic and also the reader expects to read a sales pitch so it is a lot easier than a lot of forms of free eBook promotion.

How to free promote your ebook

How to free promote your ebook

Many sites  are free but usually offer a more detailed, and therefore useful package, for a small fee. Some are worth the fee, some are not.

I have experienced some of my best traffic results and sales increases by using free ad sites and these tactics.

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