HTC – HTC One X Plus – New smartphone – Design,with Brilliant Features

The HTC One X+ is a revamped version of the HTC One X, bringing with it a better processor, 64GB of storage and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box.

HTC One X plus is an advanced version of the flagship model. That means it’s a halfway house between the iPhone 5 and the, larger, Samsung Galaxy S3 with a 5-inch screen over this 4.7-inch display. You’ll also notice the black and red rubberized surround rather than a hard plastic casing.

It consists of some software and hardware improvements as compared to the previous model. The design of the phone is rather substantial and appealing. Even though HTC One X is a fully loaded phone, One X Plus is even better. The pace of change in the smarpthone industry is so fast that HTC One X got overshadowed by various other  smartphones.

The design of HTC One X Plus is quite similar to the previous model and it is a good thing as it a solid and robust design. The polycarbonate uniform body of the device looks beautiful. The curvature of the phone is gentle and it fits aptly in the hands of the user. The only difference in the design of this version as compared to the previous one is that X Plus has got a matte finish, whereas HTC One X consists of a glossy design.

The Micro USB charge point is at the top left which is awkward, as is the slighting protruding camera and iPhone 5-style SIM slot. There’s no Micro-SD socket, meaning the uni-body design looks slick – the speaker and volume rocker are discreet and, for fashionistas, the black on red design will be a perfect match for your Beats Solo headphones.

The clean and simple design of this phone will surely impress you. It has got a non-removable rear, but you will not face any problem as it has got a powerful 2100 mAh battery and an internal memory of storage is about  64 GB. The battery performance of this gadget is surely among the best. The in- built power saver mode of this device is also very effective in ensuring that battery lasts much longer.

A 1.7GHz quad-core Tegra 3 chipset processor backed by 1 GB of RAM powers HTC One X Plus. It offers you a brilliant network connection; however, it lacks 4G support. Apart from this, it has NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, Micro-USB port, MHL and DLNA are present in this phone. HTC One X Plus sports a glorious 4.7 inches Super LCD 2 display that has got an impressive resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The display is well-protected with Gorilla Glass 2. This version runs on the Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean update and is almost complete in its software offering.

HTC One X plus has got an improved 1.6 MP front facing camera, which is quite decent for video conferencing or video calling. It also comes with a self-timer. As far as entertainment is concerned, One X Plus largely resembles One X. The Music app in the phone is a hub rather than just a player. The Beats Audio technology is also in place and provides you with a powerful performance.

HTC One X Plus comes with a lot of useful features. A lot of mobile service providers are offering good HTC One X Plus deals online.

The HTC One X+ is a stunning Android phone which, on paper, beats the Samsung Galaxy S3 in many ways – it’s faster, more rugged and – arguably – has a better design and classic unibody style which remains a modern classic.

Power users always  demand a bigger screen and better battery and this HTC One X + will fulfill there desires .

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