Watch Technology – Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Exercise is the elementary key to losing weight.

Bearing in mind that your calorie burn determines the effectiveness of your workout.  Now we can ask our self how to measure of workout?

We got answer by Timex  unisex digital fitness watch. Every fitness fanatic worth his or her salt knows that in order to fully optimize your workout you need to do exercises that challenge your body and increase your heart rate.

So… The point is that it is important to monitor your heart rate so you can get maximum calorie burn without passing out and that is why you need a heart monitor.

When you take full advantage of calorie burn, which is by the way ‘the’ weight loss secret, your heart rate should gradually increase to about sixty to eighty five percent faster that your normal rate. You would not typically be able to calculate the exact percentage as you workout, well, not without a heart monitor of sorts unless of course you are far behind the technology, then in that case, lucky you. The rest of us normal individuals need an instrument of some kind to help us boost our workout effectiveness and weight loss objectives. So here we see the need for the Heart Rate Monitor Watch.

Here are some features of the Timex Heart Rate Monitor Watch :

· It has a straightforward design that is ideal for both sexes

· It has normal watch functions like times and dates

· It is water resistant till about 165 feet (50m)

· Calculates amount of calories burned

· Measures heart rate and informs you of ideal heart rate needed to make best use of workout


Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Some pros:

· This little wonder measures and calculates precise information regarding your heart rate averaged before as well as after a workout then details calories obliterated during your workout

· It is quite an affordable nifty object

Some cons:

· There is no troubleshooting manual available for Timex but many satisfied consumers have professed to have no use for it, considering how uncomplicated this watch really is.

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