Skype – How To Search For People On Skype

How to communicate with Skype

Once you have logged in with your Skype ID and password, you will see various tabs at the top of the website. You can use the “Skype” tab to make certain changes to your account.

These are the options that you will have access too when you click on the “Skype” tab: On-line status, Profile settings, Privacy, Account, Buy Skype Credit, Sign Out and Close.

This is the options under each option.

1.  On-line status

On line – This setting is to show your contacts whether you are available to be contacted with Skype.

Away – This will show that your computer is connected to the Internet but that you are not at your computer at the moment.

Do not disturb – This will show that you are busy and do not want to be interrupted.

Invisible – This setting is for when you do not want to be visible to people on the Internet via Skype.

Off-line – This is self explanatory.

Set up call forwarding – This is self explanatory

2.  Profile settings

–  Change your picture

–  Add video to your mood

–  Change sounds edit your profile

–  Link your MySpace profile

3.  Privacy

4.  Account

5.  Buy Skype Credit – This is for non Skype to Skype calls.

6.  Sign Out

7.  Close

Skype is more than just a way to make a phone call, you can even use text messages with your Skype account.

This is how you would search for people on Skype.

You would go to the tab “Contacts” and then click on it. After doing this, you have several ways of locating the person that you are looking for. You can search for their Skype Name, Full Name or email address. Apart from making use of this information, you will also have certain fields that you can fill in that will enhance your search results.

The fields that you can enter are:

Country/Region, State, City, Language, Gender, Age range

You can also enter contacts from your email address book if you wish too.

A feature that I like about Skype is the smart way to invite people to connect with you on Skype with a preset message that has your Skype ID already entered with in the message.

This great feature is located on the page where you would search for your contacts below the title: “More things you can do”.

If you need more help, there is always the help tab that you can access for support. I would recommend you to check if your speakers and camera is working properly with Skype. You can do this by doing the following:

1.  Select the contact that you wish to contact by clicking on their name in the contact list on the left hand panel. A window will become visible to the right of your contact panel with the contact details displayed at the top of the Skype site.

2.  Decide what call you are going to make by selecting Skype, mobile or office. Remember that Skype to Skype calls is free. Charges will apply to other calls. Now decide if you are going to call with or with out video.

3.  You will see a setting to the far right hand side of the Skype site called: “Check Settings”. Click on it and a drop down will appear with a few options for you to use that will enable you to check that your computer, camera and sound function is working correctly.

4.  The first test that you will be able to do, is to test that your microphone settings are correct.

5.  The second test is to test your speaker functionality in Skype.

6.  The third test is to detect your webcam or build-in camera of your computer.

7.  The fourth test, is to check that your computer speed is adequate to make the call or video call.

These tests could be done in random order, it depends on you to decide which test you choose to do first.

Once you have completed these easy steps, you are ready to make your call or video call.

You will see a box where you can enter text if you choose to rather chat with your contact as opposed to making a call at the bottom of this page where you would make your calls from.

Have fun with your Skype. Look around under the other tabs by clicking on them, you will find that there are a number of games that you can play.

If you are like me, I am more focused on using Skype to connect with people than to play games.

You know what people say about curiosity and the cat? Curiosity killed the cat, right?

If you are an entrepreneur, you have to be curious and explore new ways of doing things, this will bring new opportunities your way and expand your p


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